Production Challenges Pharmaceutical Industry

Solving Production Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry

There are numerous challenges which pharmaceutical manufacturers need to meet in order to effectively produce and sell their products. This ranges from keeping compliant with government regulations to maintaining production equipment to ensure an efficient production process. We go through five of the biggest challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, and how product inspection equipment (and…


Tips and Hints for Thermal Analysis Practice

Thermal Analysis comprises a group of techniques that measure the physical or chemical properties of a sample as a function of temperature or time while it is heated, cooled or held at a constant temperature. This handbook will help you navigate through the different measurement techniques, method parameters and sample preparation procedures. The goal is…

Optimizing Workplaces and Workflows with Lean Laboratory

Creating a Lean Laboratory

The principles of ‘Lean’ manufacturing have now been widely adopted across a variety of businesses. This model is proving equally useful for optimizing laboratory workspaces and workflows, helping to increase productivity and lower costs. Developing a lean laboratory approach can provide a wide range of benefits for virtually any research, production or testing laboratory, including…

An Introduction into the Practice of pH Measurement

An Introduction to Measuring pH

pH measurement is used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of aqueous solution, and is commonly performed across almost all areas of life sciences and chemistry. But why is it important to measure pH, and which technique is best suited to your application? This guide provides a basic introduction to pH measurement, covering the techniques…

Designing Quality into Bioreactors

Designing Quality Into Bioreactors

Setting up a bioreactor according to Quality by Design principles ensures ideal conditions for cell growth and better yield of valuable biopharmaceuticals. Read on to learn about the key factors in weighing for setting up a seamless bioreaction process. This eBook explains how modern weighing sensors help to achieve: Right the 1st Time Set-up of Your Bioreactor…


Pharmaceutical Solutions Guide

Ensuring quality in pharmaceutical production requires precise, accurate measurement across your operation. From R&D to production and from the quality lab to the packaging department, the right equipment ensure efficient, safe production. This guide covers a range of solutions to improve safety, quality and productivity from our partner, Mettler Toledo. To ensure quality in pharmaceutical…


Real-Time Microbial Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Waters

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, on-line measurement provides process control and real-time monitoring of their water quality. A leading biotechnology company integrated a continuous bioburden measurement system to achieve significant improvements to their water process control capabilities. On-line measurements for conductivity and total organic carbon have become standard process monitoring tools in the production of pharmaceutical waters,…