Track & Trace Explained Easily

Serialization systems are indispensable when it comes to achieving quality, safety and trust in the global pharmaceutical industry. They ensure that the integrity of the brand-name is protected, boost the confidence of patients and pharma customers and provide valuable protection against counterfeiters. Together with aggregation, the process of serialization is becoming crucial for pharmaceutical companies. Introducing a reliable serialization system can be challenging and technical demanding.

For better understanding, an interactive video has been developed to show how track and trace solutions can be implemented in a pharmaceutical company. In this video you can view the individual steps in a production process, interactively move through the video to understand the challenges that can occur during the process and gain an appreciation of how these challenges can be overcome.

In this video you will learn about

  • Bottle Serialization Aggregation
  • Pack Serialization Aggregation
  • Wallet Semi-Automated Pre Serialized Aggregation
  • Pallet Aggregation

Every solution is explained in detail. A variety of further explanations and additional download materials complete the video and guarantee a good understanding. Now it's your turn: