Product Evaluation and Testing Services Assist in Finding the Right Product Inspection Solution

What type of product inspection solution best suits my business? This is a question that every manufacturer should ask before investing in product inspection equipment. In uncertain times such as the current Coronavirus pandemic, every purchase needs to be well considered. A product evaluation and testing service provides manufacturers with additional confidence that they have selected the correct product inspection technology for their business plus offers supporting information to help secure capital expenditure approval.

How does a product evaluation and testing service work?

A product evaluation and testing service allows manufacturers to test product inspection solutions with their own products and test samples before they finally decide on a particular inspection system. By replicating manufacturing conditions such as temperature and line speeds, manufacturers can view the live product demonstrations on product inspection equipment, such as metal detection, X-ray inspection systems, checkweighers and vision inspection systems. The results of the test conducted are summarized in a Product Test Report, detailing attainable inspection accuracy, performance and contaminant detection sensitivity results. In addition, the report contains detailed data regarding the False Reject Rate and Probability of Detection, which indicates the consistency of detection when a contaminated product is passed through the system.

Product evaluation tests are often carried out in so-called test centers where the necessary equipment is available and a test run can be carried out for the food manufacturer under the most realistic conditions possible. The manufacturer has the possibility to witness the test directly on site or to attend the test remotely via video conference. Even during a video conference, it is usually possible to communicate with the engineers on site to ask questions or to influence the course of the test carried out.

Test before you invest!

In these uncertain times, manufacturers are faced with a variety of challenges. Although many manufacturers are currently operating under changing conditions, they must ensure product quality and safety. It becomes apparent, with the right contingency planning and wise purchasing strategies, both existing and new product inspection investments can help them to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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