White Paper: The Modern Synthesis Lab – a New Workplace for Chemists

Developing the best chemistry can be challenging when synthesis equipment limits experimental possibilities. A new toolbox designed specifically for chemists offers expanded experimental options, automation of tedious tasks and capture of high quality data at the touch of a button.

The complexity of synthetic chemistry increases every day, and chemists are responding to the challenge with innovative techniques and methods.

Traditional synthesis equipment – such as round bottom flasks, dropping funnels and ice baths – can limit experimental possibilities, preventing chemists from accessing the full range of synthetic options and capturing the data they need to make the correct development decisions. This has created a need for smart laboratory devices, coupled with lab digitalization capabilities, to accelerate the development of medicines and advanced materials.

This white paper discusses a new toolbox specifically designed for chemists, which expands experimental options, automates tedious tasks and captures high quality data at the touch of a button. It explains how combining these smart synthesis tools with lab digitalization can transform chemical development.