Stray Light and Performance Verification

Advances in UV/VIS Spectroscopy

This paper discusses the origin and accurate measurement of stray light. Methods for measuring stray light according to the current and previous version of the US Pharmacopeia are compared and the advantages of the new test highlighted. Furthermore, automatic measurement of important performance verification tests in addition to stray light is discussed.

Content includes:

  • The optical performance of a UV/VIS spectrophotometer
  • Performance verification tests assess the quality of the measurements
  • What is stray light?
  • How is stray light measured?
  • Specific Wavelength Method (SWM)
  • Solution Filter Ratio Method (Melienz) (SFRM)
  • Assessment of the SWM and SFRM methods
  • Stray light value – correlation between the SWM and SFRM values
  • Materials for stray light tests in different wavelength ranges
  • Automatic determination of optical performance parameters including stray light