Real-Time Microbial Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Waters

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, on-line measurement provides process control and real-time monitoring of their water quality. A leading biotechnology company integrated a continuous bioburden measurement system to achieve significant improvements to their water process control capabilities.

On-line measurements for conductivity and total organic carbon have become standard process monitoring tools in the production of pharmaceutical waters, such as WFI and PW.

One biotechnology company wanted to take the same benefits of continuous, on-line measurement that they get from these traditional systems, and apply the same concept to the measurement of microbial contamination in their water system.

With the use of a real-time bioburden monitoring system in addition to their regular plate counting, they were able to facilitate a rapid response to changes in their utility water system.

In addition to fast problem responses, they were also able to better manage their sanitation cycles and optimize rinse time.

Learn how they did it.