Measuring with Vision Inspection in Plastic Bottle Manufacturing

Identifying and Preventing Container Defects

To avoid costly production losses, container manufacturers are turning to Vision Inspection Systems to identify container defects. A properly calibrated Vision Inspection System can spot container defects before filling, preventing contamination and spillage, reducing waste and improving standards compliance.

Modern pharmaceutical companies have little tolerance for molded container defects. Not only do container defects such as out-of-specification neck height, diameter and threading increase the danger of product contamination, they can also lead to spills at the bottling facility. A spill can result in downtime for cleaning at minimum, and in a worst-case scenario, damage to surrounding products or equipment.

The solution to this problem is to inspect containers closely for defects before they are filled. Rejecting bad containers prior to filling helps:

  • protect against spills and leaks
  • prevent defective products from reaching consumers
  • protect the manufacturer’s reputation

Download this white paper to learn which vision inspections are most important for rigid plastic manufacturers looking to improve their production processes, increase client satisfaction and reduce wasted product.