Guidance for Increased Pharma Production Line Performance

The performance of any packaging line in the pharmaceutical sector can be influenced by process safety, equipment reliability and the effective control of processes. The performance optimization guide for the pharmaceutical industry shows which valuable functions and add-on features can directly influence the performance of an inline checkweigher as part of your full packaging processes.

Making the right choice from a wide range of options will help to protect pharmaceutical manufacturers against product failures and recalls, aid compliance with local Weights and Measures guidelines, and reduce overall operating costs.

The performance optimization guide demonstrates a range of optional mechanical and software functions and features to optimize production line performance and increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in the pharmaceutical industry. This guide is intended to support production line managers in making the most out of their investment in a checkweigher or checkweigher and foreign body detection combination system. It explains how certain functions work and how they can be applied to achieve maximum impact on the packaging line.

This guide sets out the various checkweighing functions and options for increasing the performance and productivity of pharmaceutical production processes, including:

  • the meaning of performance optimization 
  • main factors for performance optimization
  • how to increase the productivity of pharmaceutical production