Five Key Steps to Improve Product Inspection of Liquid Pharmaceuticals

Thanks in part to an increased demand for biologics and cancer drugs, liquid pharmaceuticals have recently experienced strong growth in the pharma industry. As a manufacturer, an incorrect dosage or an issue with product contamination could have severe consequences for you and your business. It is crucial for manufacturers to make patient safety a top priority, deliver products of the highest quality and to be compliant with regulations and industry standards.

Product inspection solutions help you in achieving these goals by efficiently and safely removing contaminated or incomplete products from the production line. They can also provide product traceability throughout the supply chain and support compliance with regulations.

The guide "Five Steps to Packaging Quality Assurance" written for liquid pharmaceutical manufacturers addresses five key areas of quality assurance and identifies which product inspection solutions can best support you.

This guide provides solutions which deal with the challenges posed by the following five key questions:

  • Fill level control: How can you achieve high accuracy and speed up automated filling processes?
  • Completeness checks: How can you verify guidance leaflets for use are inserted in every package?
  • Serialization: How can you serialize small bottles, vials and ampules effectively?
  • Aggregation: How can you effectively aggregate products in markets where it is mandatory?
  • Software solutions: How can product inspection software support your quality assurance programs?