Ensuring Packaging Completeness with Checkweighing Technology

Acino Pharma AG produces a variety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, including drug plasters. To ensure that packages containing these plasters contain the right amount of product, Acino uses checkweighing technology.

It goes without saying that it is important to have the right amount of plasters in a package, but performing a visual check can be complicated for small, thin items. The more effective method is to know how much a properly-filled package weighs, then check each package's weight. Any deviation in weight greater than or equal to the weight of a single plaster would indicate an underfilled – or overfilled – package.

An automatic checkweigher can quickly verify the weight of packages as they travel down the production line. Any package which is found to be underweight or overweight gets removed, ensuring that only packages which have the proper amount of product make it to the end of the production line. Acino elected to install automatic checkweighers at several points in their production process which also utilize a reject countercheck feature to ensure removal of improperly packed products.

While this process keeps customers from receiving underfilled packages, another checkweigher designed for heavier objects weighs cases of product. This performs the same function as the other checkweigher, just on a larger scale. Cases are weighed and, in the event of an underfilled case, the checkweigher sounds an alert so that operators can remove the case and fill it properly.

For more information on how Acino uses checkweighers, you can read the complete case study.