Enhancing Process Safety in the Pharma Industry

Safety is a multi-layered topic with many aspects to consider along with processes, products, new or already deployed equipment and the personnel working with it. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are always in-between a conflict of increasing productivity while at the same time following safe processes to produce safe products.

With growing pressure on costs, changing and diversifying markets, the traditional pharmaceutical business is currently undergoing major paradigm shifts. Manufacturers are under pressure to continuously improve their efficiency and optimize the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of their manufacturing processes. In an increasingly-competitive marketplace, checkweighers have become indispensable in helping pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with international regulations and fulfill ever-changing customer needs.

Checkweighers assume the role of an inspector on production and packaging lines and ensure that pharmaceutical products are optimally processed. The integration of other technologies into the checkweighing system, such as optical and marking systems, transform it into a full serialization solution which supports regulatory compliance including FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

As outsourcing and offshoring in pharmaceutical manufacturing continue to rise, quality control and fraud protection will become more complex and challenging. Reliable and traceable safety measures must be taken to prevent poor-quality or manipulated products entering circulation and endangering patients.

This white paper outlines the most important checkweighing options and fuctions which help pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve highest process safety, including:

  • Process management in dynamc weighing
  • Effective product handling options
  • Advantages of integrated pharma solutions
  • Factors to consider when choosing a solution partner