Efficient Weighing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

There is intense focus on laboratory efficiency and productivity in the pharmaceutical industry, whether it is a general, R&D, production or QC facility. At the same time, these laboratories must meet demanding GLP/GMP requirements. Developing efficient weighing workflows is essential to achieving these contrasting goals.

Weighing is the most important step in virtually every analytical procedure in the pharmaceutical industry, making efficient weighing processes essential to meet stringent GLP/GMP requirements.

Careful analysis of workflows to remove inefficiencies can help achieve optimal productivity in any pharmaceutical lab. This guide aims to help you optimize your workflow and data handling processes, focusing on five typical pharmaceutical industry applications where weighing plays an integral role:

  • Capsule filling
  • Preparation of culture media
  • Sample preparation for titration
  • Preparation of reference standards and solutions
  • Sample preparation for quantitative elemental analysis in research labs