Effects of X-ray Inspection on Pharmaceutical Products

This white paper "Effects of X-ray Inspection on Pharmaceutical Products" answers a major concern of manufacturers: Do x-rays affect the quality and efficacy of a drug during product inspection?

The word radiation is often misunderstood, so it is not surprising that some pharmaceutical manufacturers have reservations about using x-ray inspection. However, working with x-rays is as safe as operating any other equipment if correct processes maintenance routines are followed.

This white paper explains the nature of radiation and what users need to know about the usage of x-rays in the pharmaceutical industry.

Topics covered include:

  • What are x-rays?
  • Which sources of radiation exist?
  • Why do companies use x-ray for product inspection?
  • Do x-rays affect the quality and effectiveness of a drug?
  • Scientific studies about the effect of x-rays on pharmaceutical products
Pharmaceutical manufacturers face many challenges, from safeguarding brand reputation and protecting consumers' welfare to complying with legislative and regulatory standards.
Metal, glass, mineral stone, dense plastics and rubber are just some of the physical contaminants that can be detected through x-ray inspection. X-ray inspection solutions should also be capable of performing additional in-line quality checks in a single pass, such as verifying seal integrity, identifying missing or damaged items and monitoring fill level to ensure product quality.