Dissolved CO₂ Measurement In Bioreactors

Learn the theory of dissolved CO₂ measurement

CO2 is an important metabolic indicator in bioprocessing applications. It impacts extracellular and intracellular pH and can directly and indirectly impact glycosylation patterns and molecule stability. In this 60-page booklet you will learn why you should measure CO₂ and how measuring it will give you better process understanding, control and optimization of key metabolic indicators.

CO2 measurement is playing an increasingly important role in biotech and bioprocessing applications. Alongside dissolved O₂ and accurate pH measurement, on-line dissolved CO2 measurement helps maximize yield and minimize production time on each occasion that a bioprocess is run.

This "Guide to CO₂ Theory and Best Practice" provides an overview of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement as it relates to the biopharmaceutical industry. The guide also explores dissolved CO2 measurement technology, sensor calibration and maintenance.