Continuous Measurement of TOC in Pharmaceutical Waters

Most total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers measure periodically, in batches. They typically have a measurement interval of six minutes or more. For pharmaceutical manufacturers who need to be able to demonstrate control over their water system, that means that brief TOC excursions could be missed. That is why one pharmaceutical company made the jump to a truly continuous measurement system.

Being able to demonstrate complete control of your water system is important for ensuring product safety, preventing contamination and meeting regulatory requirements. Continuous TOC analyzers and sensors help to achieve this level of control.

When one pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to achieve better control over the water system on their diabetes production line, they and their water system fabricator decided on continuous TOC sensors instead of batch-type analyzers.

With an on-line TOC sensor, the company could tell the precise beginning and ending of each excursion, reduced maintenance cost, and received predictive diagnostics on their TOC system to ensure it was providing a stable, reliable analysis.

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