Accelerate Your Lab Weighing Through Digitalization

Tips and tricks for completeness and traceability of your lab data

The digital world is spinning faster and faster. Don’t wait, take a leap and accelerate your electronic lab data management today! Ensure completeness, traceability and highest data quality to satisfy regulatory requirements and be confident that you deliver safe solutions for the patients.

Pen and paper is a thing of the past and data in many laboratories are now transferred electronically. And we all know, digitalization of weighing processes in a lab and electronic data management directly increases efficiency and productivity. But what about the quality of that data? Will the collected information really be useful if you need to retrace all steps of your analysis to identify the source of error? Are you sure your current documentation solution records not only raw weighing data but also all the corresponding metadata to enable tracking of who performed which task, when and where?

Reliability and integrity of the generated data is fundamental to ensure regulatory compliance and patient safety. Thus, confidence in generated data and the ability to reconstruct all process steps is key.

Read the Lab Data Management Guide and check out different solutions for digitalization of weighing data. The guide explains the time and costs associated with data handling and presents solutions that accelerate lab weighing processes while ensuring requirements for quality, security, traceability and integrity are satisfied.