5 Factors for Ensuring Feeding Accuracy

Gravimetric dosing systems provide significant efficiency and quality benefits in tablet production. Product quality is determined by the accuracy and consistency of upstream feeding processes.

This checklist covers the principles and advantages of gravimetric feeding, as well as 5 weighing-sensor related considerations to ensure feeding accuracy.

While continuous dosing provides significant efficiency and quality benefits in tablet production, it can also pose substantial process challenges. Any inaccuracy will result in a deviation from target product quality.

The required feeding accuracy for the dosing of micro-components, such as APIs, can only be achieved with gravimetric feeders. To ensure consistent feeding accuracy, a number of critical performance aspects must be considered, including:

  • Accuracy and capacity of the weighing sensor
  • Weighing process speed
  • System reliability

Download this checklist to guide you on weigh-sensor-related aspects that contribute to your process requirements.